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Cover unique items, services, or risks with specialty insurance for anything that falls outside what standard insurance coverage

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There are many kinds of specialty insurance policies. These policies can supplement automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial liability insurance and even umbrella insurance, which provides increased coverage limits. Examples of specialty insurance policies include:

Ocean Marine Insurance: If you or your company owns or operates vessels that dock or offload in US ports, you need marine insurance. This type of coverage will cover claims under the Jones Act and the Longshoremen’s Act.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Do you have an antique or classic car? You may need a specialized automobile insurance policy.

Flood Insurance: Flood claims are often excluded from property insurance. So if your business is in a flood zone, consider specialized flood coverage.

Wedding Insurance: Usually referred to as “special event insurance,” this policy can protect you from liability for accidents or injuries. Many events can be covered under this type of policy.

Jewelry Insurance: This can cover an expensive piece of jewelry that falls outside homeowners coverage.

Cyber Liability Insurance: You can protect your customers and your business from data breaches with this insurance.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance: An umbrella policy can often cover exclusions from underlying policies. It can be a more affordable way to extend the policy limits of underlying policies.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance: If you or your employees and their families travel for work overseas, this coverage will reimburse the business if a kidnapping for ransom happens.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Directors and officers liability insurance protects individuals, their spouses, and their personal assets from losses if they’re sued for actual or alleged wrongful acts while they manage a company or organization.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance can provide protection for you and your property while traveling, domestically or abroad.

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